Imagine yourself having become a part of a bygone era, when courtesans and royalty toured majestic cities in luxurious carriages. When wealthy debutantes stunned onlookers as their wedding entourage parted the marketplace streets with the clattering of hooves echoing from the cobblestones, whisking away the newlywed couple upon some enchanted journey. This was truly an age of pageantry and poetry, elegance and nobility, but it hasn’t ended with mere fairytales and folklore…it is yours to cherish even now.




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Whether you are being transported to your church, mosque, or synagogue, or being spirited away from your reception to begin your new life together, you can content yourself in the sheer elegance of an unhurried, stress-free ride in our beautiful vis-a-vis carriage pulled by two magnificent white horses. We also can shuttle the bridesmaids and flower girls as well as elderly parents and grandparents from church to reception or hotel.


Bridesmaids Carriage

Forget, for the moment, the hustle and bustle mere inches away…this is your day — a day you will both remember vividly for years to come! From the scent of the roses to those “extra little touches”, shouldn’t every moment be just as enchanting as the storybooks?


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Here is video of our horses Smoke and Silver at Chandler’s Gardens near McKinney,Texas:  

  • Flowers and decorations color-coordinated per your specifications
  • Sparkling white lights add to the romantic, fairy-tale ambiance
  • Music available upon request (bring along your favorite audio or MP3 CD!)
  • English Formal or Western Wear driver wardrobe or costuming for themed events
  • Excellent photographic opportunities for your wedding album


In the event that Mother Nature has different plans for your sun-drenched or moonlit outing, the carriage top can be raised which completely covers the passenger area. If the weather becomes more severe, your will have credit good for one year from your date of event. The carriage can only travel around 3 miles in an hour on roads under 35 mph for the safety and comfort of the horses. For longer distances, we suggest that you do a carriage to limo or car transfer.


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Effective September 1, 2013 sparklers are prohibited around the horses and carriage at any time. Fire, smoke and horses never mix! Leave the fireworks at home and be safe!

Please do not have any type of fireworks, silly string or allow your guests to throw things at the horses upon exiting your reception or wedding. Never tie cans to the back of the carriage as it may spook the horses and cause injury. Bubble blowing, rose petal throwing, loud music and clapping are definitely welcome!


Let us help in making your wedding a truly breathtaking occasion! Contact us today for pricing and availability, hotel, limousine, professional photographer and other recommendations.