Our Carriages

We have two Vis-a vis carriages that will make your event photographs ones to cherish forever. They are both made of wood and are from the Amish, who are known for their lasting craftsmanship. The carriages seat 4-6 average adults. The first is a 1986 Raber from Indiana. It has a white and antique bronze body with white seats and a gold, velvet lined top.

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The second carriage also has a white body and crushed burgandy velvet interior and lining in the top. It is taller than than the first and is about a 1990 model from Weida, Kansas.

We custom decorate the carriage floral to match the wedding floral colors on most events. This is the carriage we use for our India Desi weddings and events.




We also have a wagonette that seats 8 people for larger groups making it perfect for corporate parties and events. It was built in Winesburg, Ohio by Winesburg Carriages. Silver Jasper wagonette