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Call or text 214-662-6705 for pricing and availability. Please include the date, time and location to receive pricing and availability. This information must be given to get a quote.  You can also email us at happycarriage@yahoo.com. Calling or texting is the fastest way to reach us! Pricing begins at $500.

Important note: In the months of June through October we are only available between 8pm and 10am for carriage work. Between the hours of 10am-8pm is just too hot for our beloved horses to work or even stand on the hot pavement, let alone ride in a metal trailer on the asphalt to get to an event.  We suggest exits for end of your wedding instead of arrivals or we can recommend a limousine company for other transportation options in the heat of Texas summer. Also effective September 1, 2013 sparklers are prohibited around the horses and carriage at any time. Fire, smoke and horses never mix! Leave the fireworks at home and be safe!

We offer beautiful, show groomed, well mannered horses for weddings, India weddings, surprise engagements, Unicorns, romantic outings, historic tours, ghost tours, corporate parties,  parades, photo shoots, advertisements, television and film productions and other events throughout the D/FW and north Texas area. Our well trained, calm horses work inside ballrooms of hotels as well as they do in traffic.The horses can only pull the carriages 3 miles in one hour,  so please keep this in mind for distance and timing purposes. We can also not travel on busy roads or highways. We also do not work in extreme weather i.e. in the heat of the day in summer, (see above statement) or in snow and ice, as it is not safe for humans or horses.

We are back to work and the horses are fully recovered from the accident on March 27th, 2015. Please call or text today to reserve your horse or carriage for your event.  All rides are by reservation only.   

Check out our newest video that we had the honor of being a part of from Brandon Steward Productions! We come in at 1:50.


For safety purposes using anything that makes noise or visual fear, i.e. ( drone cameras, robotics, fireworks, sparklers, glow sticks, poppers, confetti, silly string, cap guns, anything thrown in the air, balloon releases, and live dove releases) are prohibited around the horses or carriage at any time due to safety of all around us. All instructions from the driver or horse handler must be followed at all times. No one may slap or assault the horses. These rules are to ensure safety for the horses, people and surrounding property. They are required so we stay in good standing with our insurance company.

Photo of Jewel in her Baraat costume by Shannon Skloss Photography

Jewel ShannonSkloss





Silver, Jasper and Shannon are back to work after being hit by a Van and all being injured!


We were recently featured in an ad for the Ground Control Horseshoes all our horses wear for traction and comfort as well as prevention of hoof and joint problems. 

Ground Control ad




There are also endless photography opportunities available such as engagement photos, fantasy and costumed photos or family portraits. Enter or exit your next event with elegance and grace. Ride in as a knight in shining armor to propose, into the wedding of your dreams as prince charming, or ride together down the aisle on our gorgeous white horses or unicorns.


Jewel Engagement photos 020





Jewel our magickal Unicorn!


We also have white pony unicorns available for photography sessions only. 







Karen's wedding photos 003

We are available for all kinds of events, weddings, parties, anniversaries and historic tours. Below we are seen in a promotional video for Chandler’s Gardens just outside McKinney.

201604_shannon cole_007

Bring your favorite cd, mp3 or ipod and relax to your favorite music as you cruise on any of our luxurious carriages.

Come take a carriage ride before or after dinner. We can pick up and drop off at many locations in McKinney’s Historic Downtown. Enjoy dinner at Rick’s Chophouse, Harvest, Spoons, Sugarbacon, Rye, Bien Salsa,The Celt, The Pub, Lousiana Street Grill or one of many other restaurants on the square in downtown McKinney.  End your night by staying at one of McKinney’s finest Bed and Breakfasts www.mckinneybedandbreakfast.com, The Red Gate Inn www.redgateinn.com or the Dowell House www.dowellhouse.com or stay in The Grand Hotel www.grandhotelmckinney.com !  It is perfect for a girl’s day out, romantic occasion for two or for anyone who needs pampering. Come experience the finest things in life that only McKinney, Texas can offer! Contact us today to schedule your next memory. 

Happy Trails Carriage Service is fully licensed and insured.


Watch our commercial on who we are and how much we love our horses and our jobs!



We won the best Limousine Category on the Dallas A List for 2011! We placed 2nd in 2012, 2014 and 2016!